Sunday, 26 July 2020


Does your no follow these thoughts? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
Am i rude?
Am i uncool?
Am i allowed?
I will look Odd/unacceptable/uncultured.
I will be disliked/unloved.
I am incomplete.
I am not capable.

We all come across many situations in life where we are made to feel fool, uncultured or not so cool just because we refused to give into others style or way of being simply because it's just not part of us. 
Bullies are everywhere, at school,college, work, society, families to even disguised form on social media. They make you believe material or intellectual luxuries are the only way to well being. 
Speaking in their way or dressing up in their way is the only accepted way. While they have no idea of power of life,knowledge and integrity within. I feel pity for them because they are lost and just disconnected with themselves compelling them and others to do things which are detrimental to inner-self. 
Shopaholism, greediness and stress etc all can be rooted in this. 
Its time to take your power back! Here my friends, connection to your inner-self and doing what is acceptable to you comes to your rescue. In many ways it also saves you and your family from the ill effects of these mindless actions. 
Look at your phone, clothes,vehicle, institutional attachments or anything that you possess or are part of and reflect what it is nurturing?
Is it complementing your well being or is it boosting your ego by getting external validation and praises in silent form?
For instance, as a 4-5 year old kid i wanted to be acceptable and important part of my friends. 
I forced my mom to buy me a fancy pen pencil which she was reluctant to buy as it wasn't of any use. It didn't last more than a few days and was utter waste but gave me sense of cool kid. This is just earliest example, and such things just followed till I became consciously aware.

This fear of being disliked when we are disconnected with our self makes us seek external validation.
Self doubt brings in need of external validation which takes form of race of mindless materialism causing pollution of space, thoughts and actions. 
When you know you are enough, you don't look for external validation. Reflect upon it and stay in awareness.Hold yourself with love through this, support and trust yourself. 
Clear your mind and space of false belief of incompleteness which makes you seek external validation draining away energy and beauty from you.
Break this pattern and explore the beauty within, because the truth is each one of us is complete in this present.
This is the journey and we all learn through it. Breathe in fresh air and love yourself because you are enough. 
I am in gratitude for such consciousness coming to me. 

Love, kindness, simplicity, grounding and complete trust in one's self makes you strong to overcome such pressures and blooms your self growth!

Empower yourself to boldly say 'NO' to things or situations that do not align with your true self.
It's not cool to please others or go seeking for their validation at expense of conflict within.
Empowered No is the No without fear of feeling scared, judged or incomplete.
This is the cool way!

It saves lot of energy, resources and spares you of drama and stress.
It brings and creates lot of space for health, happiness, creativity and prosperity.

Stay true to yourself! 
And as superheroes says,"Great power comes with great responsibility" don't be a bully to someone in your awareness!
Love and Love!


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Saturday, 22 December 2018

It's all about the standards!

The world we live in has standards!
Standards with its meaningless shackles!
Beauty has shade panels!
It has defined size and numbers!
Is a soul sleeping inside the womb supposed to know about such mindless channels?

Then how should we define the beauty of the soul?
When the color of its face decides it's fate in this world!
Lips, hair, height, weight and color!
Do they justify beauty of inner fire?

The innocent soul wanders,
Wanders in deep dark ally's lost within its meaningless mundane of standards!
Because all it knew was the beauty of breath and life that it developed!

Bless the soul, if its a girl in this world!
The profits of many depends on this ideal!
Decades of life are spent to get it all correct behind the mirror!
Now is the time to know that beauty of body doesn't defines the beauty of soul, dear mothers!

All my ladies and pretty little girls, 
You are completely beautiful irrespective of what size or color! 
Stop wasting your time to get near to those ideals,
Because the beauty of body doesn't defines the beauty of soul!

Sunday, 15 July 2018

The boy at petrol pump.

The sultry dreaded summer of this city life just makes me hibernate in my cave; here i mean my air conditioned room where I find myself being in heaven during the deadly summer. I didn’t realise that this was the most blessed luxury that I enjoyed till I saw this young helper boy at petrol pump.The capital city where i live gets heated upto its core during the summer reaching harsh temperature added with it being a land locked concrete jungle.A day back the city of Delhi got its much awaited rain shower. While filling petrol in our car this boy was singing merrily while rain was pouring down. He was conveying his happiness and joy to us too while singing merrily.I was unable to appreciate the joy of same.While watching him behind the window shield i was wondering what makes him so happy? And there it struck me! Aha! The boy stands under the sun each day to earn his bread.
Isn’t that too harsh of a job?
And there are many like him sweating and toiling in harsh sun so that we can enjoy the best luxuries in our air conditioned cabinets! 
This boy made me realise that all is too well in life where I forget to count my blessings.It’s not new that the fast pace life, the comfort of machines and the star dust of materialism in today’s world makes us oblivious to appreciate the simple joys of life.
This also makes me share this thought with all of you to do our small bit to save electricity which is still a luxury for most of our country’s population. A small act of switching off the appliances when we don’t use them will help in splashing colours of happiness everywhere around by saving our limited resources and let’s not forget to count our blessings and be great full where a routine of ours is luxury for the most. 

And yes now I merrily sing yeh mausam ki baarish yeh baarish ka paani...😊😊😊

Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Should bollywood be allowed to promote terrorism and anti social elements even in its most modest form?
It's said that 'A pen is mightier than a sword’ but also ‘A single picture is worth a thousands of words! ’
Should we be promoting a channelized terror and their business? 
The irony is this is not the first time ever!
So Saturday I happened to watch Haseena Parkar on screen! The movie left me thinking what kind of sense and message a movie is giving to our society in a shadow of disclaimer! Here a person (Dawood Ibrahim and gang) who uses terror for personal gain is shown in the light of being victim of system rather than a criminal before the law!

This forced me to question about intentions of such film makers and artists who are portraying such negative personalities heroic!
Food for thought for #shraddhakapoor who plays role of dawood's sister, who uses her brothers name (Dawood Ibrahim) for terrorizing people for sake of earning more than a lavish livelihood!
What message goes to the youth and society? To take up anti social and terrorism as a means to earn a living?
The horror of blasts and riots in Mumbai aren't their doings?

Sunday back to back I happened to see Newton!
I was so glad to watch it as it nullified the effect of Haseena!
Here A simple hard working intelligent fellow in a government service was posted to conduct fair elections in naxalite prone Aadivasi populated central Indian region.
The frame includes  a forgotten population of country, the armed officers, the young Newton and the ruckus of media gives me a message to be more conscientious Indian! 
They all are trying to make this small population active in democracy by mode of vote. There is no doubt media has earned to be known as presstitute which never highlights these realities.
Yes this hard working moral man at end sits in a corner of government office on a table and chair getting award for being punctual to office everyday. While the same army personnel on duty during voting campaign had to think twice before purchasing a daily grocery for his family. Superb blending of social message with sarcasm!

A day in the lives of people involved in the painstaking process of conducting elections in a dangerous area deep in the jungles  really wins accolades than a film where an obese gangster who is sitting on couch, making fool of people and government! The reel world should portray the real message and not alter the facts like here where they sympathize the criminals!The makers should atleast be loyal to one's country if can't do anything else!

Yes the patriotism for one's motherland and humanity will make me boycott such films where a gangster and his family living life king size are shown to be herofied victim of system!
Will be waiting for the day when Indian filmmakers will make film on real life True heroes like Swami Vivekanand, Dr APG Abdul Kalam,Rani Laxmibai, Savitribai and Jyotirao Phule et all….

Monday, 23 January 2017


Local train!
Heard it! Seen it! Checked in! Clicked in and Traveled by it!
We all have once or frequently or daily traveled by local train more popularly called as Mumbai local. It’s just not is a means of public transportation, but it breathes a world of its own. With every passenger adding a glory to it and with every station adding life to it. Traveling by local train is on to do list of every film stars, politicians (not only Indians but Americans too), industrialist, man owning a Lamborghini to a backpacking foreigner. Starting from first local of 4.15 am to ek chaalis ki last local…. it’s been written, spoken and even documented very well all over!
So like some of us who are blessed with cars, ubers, olas and private transport and who do not get luxury to travel by local may not know how a life of a simple local train regular commuter works like. Everyone who travels by train from a college student, teacher, elderly businessman, daily wage worker to employee… make the local train come alive!
A journey from Virar to Churchgate says it all. Its like a kaleidoscope with variety of people from different caste, creed, gender, age and professions adding different colors to it.
A college going student with dreams in his eyes and book in his hand sits by window and silently reads his book for upcoming exam in a hope of better future. This young man in a crisp ironed shirt and a big smile is trying his best to save his ironed shirt from getting crumpled till he reaches his office. He is working hard and honest to earn a few thousands to pull a food, clothing and shelter for his family. Here travels a father with lot many things going on in his head and a new hope to make a good profit today to give his family a lavish lifestyle. There is this good mother, the wrinkles on her face tells me she is a mother. Everyday she makes meal early morning for the whole family and lastly packs her Tiffin to board the local. She sits silently completing some office assignments. This everyday efforts put in by her in a hope to provide her family a better living while shouldering husband with his responsibilities are worth many praises. Then there is a young teacher who travels all the way from one end of the city to other just to take her class in time and educate her students for building up bright future.An old lady comes in with lots of baggage to sell cheap cutlery and accessories during rush peak hours so she can manage to feed her stomach at the end of this day. There are hawkers who jump from train to train to make their living and provide doorstop shopping to commuters.Not to forget the chain of dabbawaalas delivering tiffins from home to workplace with excellence.The young group of college girls discussing new trends, syllabus, fashion and exams makes me curious to eavesdrop their talks. The naΓ―ve romantic lover boy with bunch of flowers in his hand, protecting them from getting crushed in crowd and his dreamy eyes after hard day at work overwhelms me. His travel all across the one end of city to other to catch glimpse of her Juliet gets butterflies in your stomach. There are groups of people singing and chanting prayers to pass time of their journey with their regular fellow travellers. These group of local friends who have fixed train timing and fixed station to board make the journey entertaining. Here is such bonding where they will sit together in same coach every day and travel to work together. From Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi to Christmas every festival is celebrated by this group of regular travellers with fun irrespective of caste creed or culture. So strong is the bond here. From daily advices and experiences to troubleshoot personal or professional problems to financial tips are shared and nurtured here. An old couple with hand in hand directing each other to senior citizen coach to a physically handicapped man earning a proud living makes you overwhelmed. The sharing of fourth seat to door etiquette of getting down at station is unsaid rule that everyone in local follows. Local train is one of the fastest and cheapest and safest mode of public transport which is part of millions of people in Mumbai. The survey carried out by Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation to count people using local train over 3000 services is approximately 80 lakhs per day!
So easy target it was for antisocial elements to blast our locals full of innocent, hardworking people all at once shattering dreams of eagerly waiting mother, wife, sister and a father for their beloved ones to return home.

To every father, to every mother, to every son, to every daughter, to every brother, to every sister, to every husband, to every wife, to every romantic lover who travels in jammed packed trains, getting pushed and punched still travelling for sake of work, time and saving some money as it is cheapest mode of transportation available, I salute you! These are real heroes, the common man who don’t know what luxury is but truly believes in hard work and perspiration.
Millions of hopes!
Millions of dreams!
Millions of emotions!
All can be seen here! 

Saturday, 31 December 2016



The year comes to end
The month comes to end
The day comes to end
There is end to every beginning
But I wonder when will this queue come to end
Not the ATM queue I am talking about!
I am no politicians to bring up this issue to gain publicity but I am talking about the human queue. The most unfortunate queue. Where people stand in long hours just to empty their body waste early morning. Yes, please! This happens in our country and our city. Where people have to wait in long queue just to empty their body waste. During my morning walks from I pass through this lesser privileged housing colony it aches my heart to see people waiting in long queues in filthy conditions. According to the Slum Sanitation Programme's records, there are 79,542 toilet seats in the city catering to around 24 lakh people living in slums. However, these toilet blocks serve only 37 per cent of the total slum population of 64.7 lakh of Mumbai city (as per 2011census). Here they are so helpless against body and long wait. This figures are gross.
I wonder why none of the so called social activist or media shouts about this queue! Why only ATM queue come into media? When we have to walk towards progress we stop people initiating a change and then say we are a stagnant country. When humanity is most important above all how can humans be ignored? Why can't we walk together so we can walk far? I urge everyone reading this just to give a thought once why we role our eyebrows looking at people alongside railway tracks defecating in open. Instead why not wonder how ill conditions they are surrounded with. Poor hygiene, poor amenities, poor resources of the basic facility.... Isn't it too much? As the defecation problems are to be tackled under SWACCH BHARAT ABHIYAAN there is a progressive development in this area. I hope for more betterment. Just once in a day if we think rationally and don't follow media blindly will save us in long run. In this age of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram once take five minutes out and look how can we make this world a better living place. Even a single thought can initiate a better change. I end this year with a hope to welcome a great new year filled with lot of learning, opportunities and inspiration to make a difference. Let's not just pass the years but LIVE better years.

Thanks to all my well-wishers for contributing and splashing beautiful colours on canvas of my 2016. It’s been a great year and here I welcome new 2017 with a fresh new canvas to paint a beautiful picture.

Sunday, 20 November 2016


Today we all are struggling with cash and card after our PM's decision to scrap 500 and 1000 notes and go forward with demonetization. Alongside where USA economy is expected to undergo changes because of their trump card everybody is wondering what next?
So like you and me when we face this ordeal of checking our pay cheque service at the end of every month with lots of deductions in name of tax x, tax y, tax z, i really wonder why do i pay tax?
I really hate this term tax!
Why do I pay tax to my government is all I wonder!
For dirty roads with potholes?
For stinking garbage and open gutters?
For overcrowded locals where people stack up like cattle to reach work on time?
For not even being covered for health services?
(Just check the condition of any government hospital once in my city! You wiil come out with more infections than you went inside with.)
Even after paying tax there is No guarantee if I will be able to put food on my table.
(If I something  goes up or down with me and I wont be able to go to work.)
There is No guarantee that my children will get good education if I pay tax!
Am i paying tax for everyday THREAT of terrorist blasting local trains or open firing on me, my family, my friends, my near and dear ones, my countrymen and such monsters being provided tight security in jail for same? On whose expense?Tax payers!
Yes! I do compare to other countries where citizen are given all benefits and security for paying tax!
Do i have that in my country ?
Plus whatever is left after deductions you pay into all forms of toll tax! excise tax! service tax! Entertainment tax! VAT tax etc...So in short word TAX is monstrous but cant escape!
This one incidence that I came across one day mellowed me down against my hatred of paying tax. It made me realize how blessed my tax money was and how did it influenced other people. It really made me happy and at peace once in my life for paying tax.just once!! And after that incident I do say sometimes it is not always bad to pay tax!
So this little shabbily clothed lanky 14 year old girl comes to my ward with extreme paleness,difficult breathing, tiredness and exertion.The girl was extremely anemic with hemoglobin levels of 4%! Yes please 4%! She comes in walking accompanied by her mom. My heart cried out to her. As per routine I admitted her under my supervision and proceeded further to her treatment after establishing diagnosis of IRON DEFICIENCY ANEMIA (most common in India). I planned blood transfusion to cope up with the emergency. To proceed I had to send her blood samples for blood grouping and cross matching. Like the government nurses who wouldn’t even get out of their chair as if stuck by fevicol over it, my ward wasn’t spared either. So after setting up treatment plan and completing other formalities of admission I go upto her bed! Her mom was at her bed-side, thin and lanky woman same as her.They look upto me with so many hopes and respect in their eyes and a look of helplessness which melts my heart. Girl gave me a limp smile and we started a little conversation to make her comfortable as i was hiding some pricky needles to draw her blood. At the back of my mind I was thinking how underprivileged the little girl was to have iron deficiency anemia bringing her to hospitalization at this age. Is this the situation of people where a balanced diet is also a dream?Biggest challenge comes here when I start withdrawing blood and the blood of girl flows like water which tells so low level of Hematocrit even before lab results!(she was highly anemic).This site shakes me inside out! How can be she be so deprived of basic food and diet that this was the condition of her body! I send her samples for labs. Here comes another challenge as in every hospital where blood banks will withhold blood bags for transfusion to poor patient and sell them to outsiders! Yes corruption even for human blood! So after lots of pressurizing and fighting I managed to get one bag of blood for my patient and we successfully transfused it. She started recovering with the days to follow getting back smile and color on her face and making me more happy every passing day.
Today when I look back I can see the simplicity and innocence of that girl, the helplessness of her mother, their hardships! We fail to see so many things around us! We fail to appreciate the things we get so easilty. The things that we take for granted are dreams for others.I thank god for all the luxury,comfort and resources he made available for me.I wish to contribute that back to society. 

On that day,while walking back to home, I had a proud smile on my face because I could contribute something better for my patients life and yes this was only possible through hard earned tax money paid by all of us! Yes the government hospitals run on tax payers money. However bad condition they are in, they still provide meal to their patients.For whom the bread and milk provided there for breakfast is luxury, meal is royalty and dinner for them is dream! This gives me content that at the end of everything bad and corrupt something good is happening by my tax paid money which is nursing someone who is ill, feeding someone hungry, teaching an illiterate and not just decaying and paying luxury bills of corrupt and greedy officials and politicians.
So here i say again i am proud to be a hardworking honest tax payer and i respect you all for doing same. Lets us all do part of our bit and rise above greed and stink of corruption.