Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Yes Yes Yes
I shout out loud
And I am filled with pure joy when the memories of my trek to the divine and serene Himalayas flash back.
Just a month back I was in the state of Uttarakhand where tall and giant Himalayas stand and rise high! Above the clouds, the desires, the materialism, the concrete jungle, the rat race........the wealth......and above all of us.
As they rise high they take us with them and leave us among wild and dense in the womb of mother nature who never fail to nurture us,heal us and guide us to highest level of soulful happiness.
So for me where Himalayas existed only in images, was finally blessed. After the wait of two long years i got to trek Himalayas! This trek left me detoxicated physically as well as mentally. Trekking made me aware of the unknown  physical potential that was always lying dormant within me.
The Glacial Mysterious Roopkund Lake-15450ft 
From a busy metro city amidst jungle of concrete, academics and rat race to earn more coins when I was put into untouched Himalayas I was just living a true life even it was for merely a very few days.
Roopkund Lake The Mysterious one!!! Untouched and frozen there at 15450 ft above sea level in the Shivalik range of Uttarakhand Himalayas was my final destination of the trek.

The long journey starts  with 16 different strangers.Completely unaware of the challenges to come ahead all i do is simply bond with my co trekkers who end up becoming great friends such that goodbyes become difficult at the end of trek. Starting to rise from ground to higher hills trekking and learning new things fills me with joy. The nature and colors fills my heart with bliss. The paintings of nature which were available only as a wallpaper to me became a real 3D picture for me on my trek trail. I enjoy every step while traversing small villages, terrace fields, Chai tapri,meeting innocent cute childrens greeting us namaste on our way and giving a full blown smile just when i place a one rupee toffee in their hand!

#foodforthought-How innocent and non expensive can happiness be!

Where on other hand every step i adapt to changing altitude and landscape, from dense dark green forests, lush green meadows to rocky mountain and snow clad pristine untouched Summit. Fast acceptance to change and adaptability is the only tool to survive here. While your trek leader teaches  ABCD of easy backpacking as accessibility, balance, compactness and well done above. He was also suggesting tips to carry  life with ease by making our relationships easily accessible , balancing work and life equally, compacting our worries and our life will be well done!
#3D live wall papers! 
The joy of getting up before sunrise amidst mountains, sleeping under blanket of stars, snuggling in sleeping bags of tent, watching rainbows coloring sky, sheep's grazing , bells on mules singing a lullaby, bees making honey, birds chirping merrily , little beautiful flowers blooming in extremes of temperature, clash of clouds, is just a blessing !
Where Every effort to keep a step forward on the trail and with every breath i shout for oxygen the divine force present there,in the ABODE OF GODS  just drives me upward and higher. Our efforts are always rewarded  when we soak our eyes in beauty of giant mountain lying strong and high, untouched and divine!!! Trust the creator at every step !

The weather changes every few minutes, landscape every day, but one thing is constant, we gain altitude every day. Same is life nothing is constant but we step ahead in process of becoming better every day.
All in one package is offered, where every single description by poets, by artists by writers come true here in Himalayas! Famous lines "what is this life if full of care , we have no time to stand and stare" rings at back of my mind !
As Baloo sings ,
"Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife
I mean the bare necessities
Old Mother Nature's recipes
That bring the bare necessities of life "
We should not forget that we are blessed by everything that we need by the nature. We should live in harmony with all creatures and try our best to use minimalistic resources which can be used by others and make less of wastage. Take a time and reflect how many precious hours we waste just gathering things which cannot really define happiness. Happiness lies in teamwork, where every member completes the task is the true win. Happiness is very simple, it's the state of mind and not in the statement things or rings! Last but not least the downhill journey is even more wonderful where i am filled with joy of reaching the top and now i comfortably walk down the lane with best of friends enjoying the journey so far. Same is life while going up enjoy the challenge while coming down comfortably enjoy the accomplishment and journey so far. Happiness is really a state of mind and multiplies when you share and spread.

During treks we are not supposed to litter, to waste a single grain or drop of water and disturb the harmony of nature and other creatures. We willingly love doing and we bring back that with us to sea level and spread this message with us. 

Trek done with Indiahikes , safe and professional .
My gang , the best gang always walking together ! Know more about them here-
Pic redits-my gang and yeah iPhone lens! (ROFL) .
My gang
PowerPuff Girls! 


  1. Brilliant blog, the way you described the feelings and mother nature with words... I felt each word in my heart..and thank you from the bottom of my heart to help me recall the experience of each moment as nature unfolded it's hidden gems at every step. God bless you and wish you a blissful life full of sunshine and cheerfulness always :)

    1. Thank you for kind words and good wishes tiara aka Pooja, just an effort to pen down my experience. You are real inspiration. Stay blessed and happy forever. Loads of love!

  2. Too good!! I feel like gng too now! ��

  3. Get going babes! It's best place for rejuvenation!

  4. Nicely put across the natural feelings one experiences whilst on a Himalayan treak.Earning money is not everything in life.Money cannot get you the joys you went through.Keep writing! Best wishes to you Sanjana.

    1. Thank you sir. I hope you too go soon and have this experience for yourself.

  5. U write so well !! Amazing!!! Waiting for ur next blog

    1. Thank you hiral,,, I will try to keep upto your expectations.